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eLearning Solutions

Engage your learners with an interactive, tailored experience, across devices.

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Impart Learning in a Digital World

OneRead is a robust cloud-based mLearning platform offering Higher Ed and K-12 publishers the flexibility to publish and distribute highly interactive content and eLearning material. OneRead allows you to track the progress of the students using the analytics dashboards.

  • Add notes, annotations and highlights

  • Assignment creation and sharing

  • Progress tracking of learners through analytics

  • White-labelled branded eReader & eStore

  • DRM and license management

Make the Experience Mobile & Interactive!

Publish the perfect content for your readers, learners, and followers.

Transform Legacy Content into a Format That You Love

Create immersive and engaging eBooks using legacy content with just a click. OneRead allows instant conversion to ePub3 format from file formats of your choice, such as:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • PPT

Interactive Content

Make learning more interesting by introducing interactive content that matches your student’s learning style. Ensure better engagement by adding:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interactive activities such as puzzles and games
  • Assessments and assignments
  • External references and links

Offline Learning

OneRead is a great app for promoting and developing reading habits amongst students. Use OneRead to access offline content, as well as to:

  • Add annotations when offline
  • Download eBooks
  • Facilitate collaborative learning
  • White labelled platform & apps
  • View content across devices & platforms

Robust Analytics Dashboard

Get actionable insights to help channelize your efforts and investments in the right direction. Through analytics dashboard on OneRead, learn about:

  • Most popular eBooks
  • Licenses being used by schools
  • Major trends and reading habits
  • Popular devices being used

DRM & License Management

OneRead ensures secure access and distribution of content by checking content piracy and unauthorized access.

  • Encrypt content using AES 256 encryption standard
  • License content used by schools as by individuals
  • Provide access codes for text-books
  • Offer a wide range of license types such as device, user and domain based
  • Set subscription time period

Assignments & Assessments

Track student’s progress and identify areas that need improvement.

  • Enhance learning outcomes
  • Wide range of question templates to choose from
  • Create and sell assignments and question banks
  • Include assignments in content

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